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HOME, this single word can speak volumes to each of us.  Your one place for serenity, a place for family, the one investment that pays you in priceless memories.  Projects completed around one's home can be a truly rewarding experience but the journey of remodeling your home can be subjected to countless obstacles.  With home renovation, even the seeming simplest of task can present overwhelming challenges.      


Your homes biggest hurdle? Finding the right company that will listen, see your vision and make it more than ever imagined possible. 

Miller Construction is that company.  Working with our customers and seeing the similes on their face and sometimes tears of joy is truly the greatest payment for a job well done.  From initial consultation to the final inspection your confidence and excitement will grow with every day as your project nears completion.  

Custom Bar
Stone Fireplace
Living Room
Outdoor Fireplace
Living room basement
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     What is your Dream?   Perhaps that outdated fireplace needs some attention or just a fresh and updated backsplash in your kitchen would be on your wish list.   Call us for a no pressure consultation where dreams and hopefully a friendship begins.   When our projects are completed we like to add to our friends list not just our customer base. We look forward to meeting you and your home.

Helvetica Light is a easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

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The warmth and natural beauty of wood is unmatched.  Completing this bar area with granite counters and professional appliances made this an inviting space that is always ready entertain.

Outdoor Spaces

 Respected equipment brands and trusted material providers allows us to deliver original designs with head turning results.   Miller Constructions commitment to delivering a superior product gives our customers the confidence that their newly designed outdoor space will create a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Flooring & Furniture

Durable flooring, accompanied with beautiful and well-crafted furniture are the finishing touches that sets our projects apart.   We offer list of services that includes flooring installation, custom furniture and lighting.    


 Paint, your options are limitless.   This can be one of the truly enjoyable stages of the home remodeling process.  Your dream kitchen or perfectly designed pantry is becoming a reality.  As the paint is applied you can begin to see it one word, PERFECT.   Miller Construction is your wall coverings expert, let us guide you through the process so that every room in your home is uniquely yours. 

Painting the Wall

Our goal is to make the renovation process as simple as possible. Booking a consultation online gives you the ability to pick a time slot during the week that works for your schedule. Our appointment by phone will help us to prepare for the first visit to your home, we will conclude with scheduling a time to come visit you and your project.   

Your home should be a reflection of your style all the while inspiring you to begin each day knowing that upon your return it will welcome you and be your source for calmness and relaxation.  Let Miller Construction be your partner in providing you timeless and beautiful solutions that protect your peace of mind.  We look forward to speaking with you regarding your home, schedule a consultation today!

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Western Kentucky   270-709-4146

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